Saturday, January 5, 2008

Update Regarding Search for Cayle Bywater

Originally Posted by Garry on 01/04/07

Someone here asked for updates and so here's what I know after having spent part of the afternoon with the family today (I've known Cayle for about 4 yrs since I'm a close friend of one of her best friends). Athens FD worked hard all day today dragging the pond at Memorial Park near her duplex, but nothing was found. ACC police say the next step will be a door-to-door canvass of nearby homes (I gather that this was not done earlier because so many homes and apartments around there were empty due to the UGA winter break).Cayle's mom Valery did an interview today with WSB-TV news and she did a great job, holding up bravely during the interview, even as firemen in an inflatable boat were dragging the pond just behind her (video at ).Valery and her family are overwhelmed with the support being given to them by Cayle's friends. Please continue to support them in any way you can, as it is much appreciated. I and others have been meeting at Cayle's duplex in Athens the last couple of days to pick up and distribute Missing Person flyers all around town, we expect to have a good many more copies available on Saturday and Sunday - so if you are free this weekend please come by (2004 S. Milledge Ave, Athens) and take some up to help us distribute them. We want to get her face all over the entire county - someone, somewhere, has to know something. Again, thank you and God bless.


Anonymous said...

Almost the same thing happened to a childhood friend of mine when he was at college in Tennessee, he just vanished, keys and wallet still in his car. I hope this gets resolved soon.

Anonymous said...

I am so sad for her family. This could be me missing and my family looking for me! You never know who is out there wanting to do harm to beautiful girls like Cayle. I hope she is found. My prayers go out to her and those who are missing her and looking for her.

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