Monday, January 7, 2008

Thank You So Much !!!

We want to express our heart felt gratitude and thanks to Mary Ann, Debbie, and most of all Dianne Wilson for their efforts to elevate the media coverage regarding Cayle's disappearance. As a result, we had TV interviews on Atlanta channel's 2, 5, 11, and 46 which should be aired at 6:00 pm and 11:00 pm as well as contact with CNN. Their determination and support have been overwhelming and most instrumental in locating Cayle.

Sincerely and with our deepest gratitude, Cayle's family


Anonymous said...

My thoughts anr prayers are with you guys. I saw her mother and sister on the news and just wanted to give a big hug to them both.

Are you guys organinzing volunteer searches? Please try to get more press coverage for these searches.The Athens Clarke County PD is worse than Andy Griffith. Let the family rest and let the citizens of Athens help.

Anonymous said...

I saw this story last night on the news and my heart sank, not only for the dissaperance of Cayle, but because I know your family. Kriten Bywater was my bestfriend all through elementary school. If there is anything I can do to help in the efforts of finding Cayle, I would be more than happy too!

Your family is in my prayers!

Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you all and especially with Cayle.

I am also ready to help any way I can. The Athens Community needs to come together to give the SAME full attention to Cayle's disappearance.
Friends and family, please let us know when and where or what. If you need help handing out flyers and pasting them all over town and surrounding communities, let me know! Come on residents of Clarke County, Oconee County, Madison County, Greene County, Oglethorpe County, Barrow County and Jackson County, LET'S PULL TOGETHER AND FIND CAYLE!!!!!

Anonymous said...

To the person that had the guts to say the Athens Clarke County PD is worse than Andy Griffith.
KUDOS to you!!!!!!

chris said...

All of your friends at EJCH are thinking of you and praying for Cayle's safe return.
We love you, miss not having you around, think and speak of you often.
No one deserves this. I can't imagine what you must be going through. It's scary having daughters out there on their own.
I'm glad there is finally some more press coverage, too.

Anonymous said...

Why hasn't this been all over the news like the other girl?

Anonymous said...

This hasn't been all over the news like the other girl, because Cayle has bipolar and it is extremely likely that she wandered off on her own and was not kidnapped like Meredith Emerson. My heart and prayers go out to Cayle's family...I hope she is found soon!

It would've been nice, though, had it been mentioned somewhere in this blog about her bipolar and the fact she was seen walking around in a disoriented state. It DOES change things a bit.

Monk said...

A missing person is a missing person. If anything, Cayle needs MORE help in being found because of her condition.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I sent Nancy Grace an email begging her to get help us all get more attention for Cayle! She was at the site for the Meredith Emerson disappearance. She's a spit-fire! I hope she agrees to help find Cayle!!!

Send you comments here asking for her help!!!!

Anonymous said...

By-Polar or not, human life is human life and you can NOT judge one disappearance MORE important than the other!!!! If she was in a disoriented state then someone might have taken it upon themselves to take advantage of her!
Plus, Bi-polars tend to want to lock themselves IN rather than run away. Also, Athens is not that huge and the area she lives in is very populated so SOMEONE would have noticed her "wandering" around after Dec. 29th if that was the case!

Elizabeth said...

Wonderful News. Glad to see this story getting the attention it deserves!

Anonymous said...

My Heart is sick over Cayle's disappearance.... I feel so helpless out here in Calif...
I am spreading this information through various email contacts to continue to spread this & gain more visability. My love & thoughts are with the family!

Kerri said...

Bywater Family,

Your daughter used to be my cheerleading coach at Murphy Candler. I am the same age as Kevin and wanted to give my thoughts and prayers to ya'll. I will emailing to get some flyers and hang them around the metro area.

Kerri Gunter

Whitney said...

My husband worked with Cayle and we are both really upset about this. I have emailed all the news services and asked for help and would love to help in any way that I can going forward. Please let us know what we can do, if anything. I'm in Atlanta but am happy to come to Athens as needed or do things from afar if I can. You are all in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

To Cayle's Family,
I also went to school with Cayle at Dunwoody and Peachtree and wanted to let you know I have forwarded all of the sites and news onto many of the Dunwoody Alumni and they are also keeping the information moving. You are all in our thoughts and prayers and hope for a speedy safe return of Cayle. I also have written the Fox New Networks, CNN and Nancy Grace to give Cayle's disappearance the exposure it SO deserves.

dragonlady474 said...

I just linked your site on my blog. I hope it helps.
Peace be with you.

AMinor said...

I have let everyone know about Cayle and am e-mailing like crazy. I am not far from Athens so hopefully this will spread the word out further. My prayers are with you all.

Anonymous said...

Valerie and Tiffany,
I am so sorry to hear about the disapperance of Cayle. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you through this time. My prayers and thoughts are with each of you through this time. Please call me if you need anything you can get me at my parents house still in Dunwoody.

Much Love,
Jessica Grey

Brandie said...

First of all my heart and prayers go out to Cayle's family. I used to do gymnastics with Cayle in elementary school and have not seen her since. I do think of her often wandering how she is doing and what she is up to. I will do what I can to help the Bywater family. Take care and we will find Cayle!


Brandie Hooper Alred

Anonymous said...

Anyone who is missing a loved one is important. Someone else has said this, but the media singles out a few missing people and virtually ignores others. Kudos to those who helped get more attention on Cayle's case. Cayle is important us, and we will find her.

Bywater family, stay strong. There are lots of people out there who will help in anyway possible. We love you.


Robin said...

I just found out yesterday from Jesse. Let me know if there is anyway I can help. I've posted some of the info on some of my membership sites to get the word out..

Take care,

Lindsey said...


You may not remember me but I remember you and your entire family very well. When I saw you on the news last night, it brought me back to our Vanderlyn days! Your family is in my families thoughts and prayers. If there is anyway we can help, please let us know! Cayle will be found, I just know it! Their is so much love and support for your entire family!! We will continue praying!!

Lindsey Cahall Rakestraw

Anonymous said...

I have never met Cayle or any of
the Bywater family. Still she has
been on my mind every since I read
about her disapearance. It is my
hope and prayer she is found and
is safe. My heart goes out to her
family and friends. This must be
so hard for them.

Maggles said...

I am bi polar, and as disoriented, reclusive, or otherwise mentally disturbed as I've experienced, I can't imagine this "episode" she may have been experiencing lasting longer than a day or two at most. And by that, I mean affected enough to be so far out of your own head to not grasp some concept of the World around you, ie: not coming home for a few days, forgetting responsibilities for longer thn a few hours etc. etc. Taking this into consideration, I can't see how the poor girl just wandered into oblivion without SOMEONE, if not several, people seeing her. She's a beautiful trim lady with glowing red hair, it seems she'd be hard to miss. Unless she somehow floated down a river, I don't see why an answer other than foul play is logical.

Anonymous said...

I went to Dunwoody High School with Cayle, and although, we were not close --- My heart certainly goes out to the Bywater family. My thoughts and prayers are with you all (family, friends and strangers) who continue to search for Cayle. I will continue to pass the word and hope for Cayle's safe return.
God Bless--- Adrienne

Anonymous said...



Eliza Doolittle said...

I still have hope that Cayle will be found; but her case needs more media coverage. What can I do to help?

Anonymous said...

I have said a prayer every night for Cayle since I read of her dissapearance. I pray that you find her safe. I am pleased the media is giving this matter more attention. Her bipolar disorder should make the police MORE compelled to find her rather than Less. I am so sorry that it has taken so long for the word to spread. She is far more vulnerable at this point than Meredith Emerson was. I just pray that the police will finally give this case the respect it deserves. Maybe one day society will no longer treat mental illness as a contagious disease but rather an illness that no one chooses to have and is no ones fault... they are just given the unfortunate luck of being born with. I will keep Cayle as well as her family and friends in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Here are a few thoughts that have come to mind:
1. Have the police gone door to door at the Intown Suites that are not far from Cayle's home?
2. Are there color fliers posted in every business with in 5 miles of Cayle's home? (EVERY BUSINESS?)
3. Were search dogs brought in right away?
4. Have any professional search and rescue organizations been brought in? (There were probably 10-20 different professional seach teams at the Meredith Emerson case)
5. Has her computer been completely checked to see if she was "chatting" with someone or planning to meet someone?
6. How about publishing MORE pictures that show her without a smile or hair pulled back? This way the public can see her different "looks".

I know I may be grasping at straws or even mentioning things that the friends and family have already thought of...then again may not.

Is the family planning more search dates and times that need volunteers? I can work Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday if needed.

Anonymous said...

I think that its a shame that there are people who, once they hear "bi-polar", everything changes and its "extemely likely" that she "wandered off" and being bi-polar "DOES" change things. Seems to me that if she would have just "wandered" off then she would have been found by now, or at least someone would have spotted her after 12/29 afternoon. I hope Cayle is found and feel that it is that kind of attitude is not at all helpful

Anonymous said...

Just found this on

Eyeglasses found that may belong to missing woman
by Stephanie Ramage in News
According to family members, someone has reported finding a pair of eyeglasses in Athens' Memorial Park that may belong to Cayle Bywater, the 29 year-old University of Georgia employee and grad student reported missing on New Year's Eve.

The eyeglasses were spotted under some brush by a garbage can near the pond that forms the centerpiece of Memorial Park, a park that is also home to a small zoo and a playground. Authorities continue to search for Cayle who worked at local wine bar Aromas as well as at UGA's College of Agriculture where she was a data management specialist. Cayle was last seen walking her dog in Memorial Park, which is near her home on South Milledge Ave., on Saturday, Dec. 29. The dog was later seen wandering the neighborhood.

posted Wednesday, January 09, 2008 at 2:35 PM | Permalink

Anonymous said...

I live in Dunwoody and saw Cayle went to DHS. Fox News does a lot of stories on missing person on the "For the Record" with Greta Van Sustrain. If you have not, I would try to contact Fox News to get this more attention.

Anonymous said...

I go to the SOS meetings at Nuci's Space and heard about Cayle's disappearance on the 3rd. My heart is with you and I would love to help in anyway possible. Please let us know if there is anything you all need in this hard time you are all going through. I know how hard it is to lose someone you love unexpectedly and my prayers are with you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Cayle's Family and Friends -
I went to Dunwoody High School with Cayle too and though we did not really know one another, I knew her by name and photo and have several friends from DHS who were close to her. I live in Oregon but wanted you all to know that I am thinking about you and about her. If there is anything that I can do from out here (other than emailing your local paper and TV which I have done), I am more than willing to do so. I have been praying that she be found safe and have contacted many others in Dunwoody who have added her and you to their prayer lists. My thoughts are with you.

Anonymous said...

There is only one thing i do wish.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else receive a "smart" reply from a Bud Veazey at Fox 5 about our pleas to have more media coverage?

Whitney said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Whitney said...

I almost didn't say anything but I too got a snarky reply from Bud Veazey, too. Here's what he said to me:

If you watched our newscasts you would know that we have covered this story and broadcast reports since Ms. Bywater was reported missing.

Anonymous said...

Cayle was not bipolar.

Anonymous said...

Who started the rumor that Cayle was bi-polar? If it's not true and the police have based their "lack of concern" on that fact then it's just WRONG that this case has not be taken much more seriously. I think ACC needs to look at replacing their WHOLE department with an older, more qualified force! Athens crimes are not just "small town" anymore. The force is paid like they are in a population of 500 instead of 500,000!

This is Athens/Clarke County not Athens/Mayberry! BTW, Union County (small town county) did a MUCH better job as organizing searches and getting the communities from ALL over involved!!!!!!

Jimmy and Dianne Butts said...

Tiffany, we are thinking of you and your family and our thoughs and prayers are with you and for a safe return of Cayle. Glad to see there is some media coverage now; maybe someone will come forward with information. Let us know what we can do to assist.

Jimmy and Dianne Butts

Rachel Winder said...

Tiffany and Family,

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I went to Dunwoody with Tiffany and Cayle. I live in Ohio now but I sent this information around to people using facebook. I hope this will contribute something to the effort.


floss said...

Certainly, each individual's actions/reactions to various cirumstances is unique. I have a diagnosis of bipolar disorder as well as acute anxiety disorder. Even in my darkest hours, I was not so disoriented that I was unable to find my way home, to work, etc. Once again, I reiterate that each person functions in a unique manner. I will state, emphatically, that my status gradually improved, thanks to a knowledgeable psychiatrist plus effective medication and therapy. My situation did not miraculously resolve itself overnight or even within a month.

I didn't intend to be so wordy -- it's just my way of helping to "shed" light on the various anomalies of human behavior. There is no "one size fits all, cookie cutter" circumstances.

Cayle, her family, and loved ones are in my thoughts and prayers.

South Georgia said...

Prayers for Cayle's family. I just heard the news and am saddened by the outcome. Know that many were hoping for finding Cayle. May God provide blessings of strength for Cayle's loved ones.

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