Friday, January 11, 2008

And Ask Ye Why...

And ask ye why these sad tears stream? 
Why these wan eyes are dim with weeping?
I had a dream–a lovely dream,
  Of her that in the grave is sleeping.

I saw her as ’twas yesterday,

  The bloom upon her cheek still glowing;
And round her play’d a golden ray, 
And on her brows were gay flowers blowing.

With angel-hand she swept a lyre,

  A garland red with roses bound it;
Its strings were wreath’d with lambent fire 
And amaranth was woven round it.

I saw her mid the realms of light,

  In everlasting radiance gleaming;
Co-equal with the seraphs bright, 
Mid thousand thousand angels beaming.

I strove to reach her, when, behold,

  Those fairy forms of bliss Elysian,
And all that rich scene wrapt in gold, 
Faded in air–a lovely vision!

And I awoke, but oh! to me 

That waking hour was doubly weary;
And yet I could not envy thee, 
Although so blest, and I so dreary.

- Lord Alfred Tennyson


Katie said...

I am so sorry. I just heard they found her. Much like Meredith Emerson, I really wanted her to be found alive. I pray for all the families who have lost loved ones, I am so sorry.

MMurphy said...

My very dear friend Valery, Tiffiny, Kristen and Kevin,
There are no words to express the intensity of the pain in our hearts over this news...Our memories of Thanksgivings and many other incredible moments with you as families are even more important at this time. Thank God for each special event. Cayle was a sensitive beautiful young lady with many goals in life. There is no doubt that her energy was contagious. What a beautiful poem....Just like her Mother to find something so very perfect for her :) We are all praying and seeking comfort for each and every one of you and for Cayle. May she be wrapped in love...
With much love and deep concern, Michelle, Jim and Brad

Lisa said...

Mrs. Bywater - Your interview on the news this evening broke my heart. You can see so much pain in your sweet face and I wish I could reach through the television and hug you and take it all away. I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful daughter. I do not know you guys but I am her age and I could tell she would be someone I would have loved to be around.

I wish there were words I could say but there are none that could possibly send my heartfelt condolences to you. I am praying for you.

God bless,

Anonymous said...

I prayed deeply for the family for the last few days as well as last night (as did the teachers in my entire school system). I will continue prayers for the family members and this terrible loss. I only met Cayle in passing, but she was hard to forget--striking and pretty. Very sweet, engaging smile.

Anonymous said...

"I saw her mid the realms of light,In everlasting radiance gleaming."
i think of Cayle and of Meridith Emerson both in this way,young,beautiful,and safe,forever now.My heart and prayers go out to you,and hold the special thought that you will see her again one day "in everlasting radiance."

Anonymous said...

Dear Val, Tiffiny, Kristen & Kevin.. I am so sorry & heartbroken for you all. I will always cherish the visits we shared & fun we have had. Now her Loved ones on the other side will take care of her until we reunite again. Thinking of you With Much Love & Wonderful Memories, Lila

Kerry said...

I am so sorry for your loss. Your family will be in my prayers.

dragonlady474 said...

I am so sorry things turned out this way. May God bless and comfort her family and friends.

Robin said...

I am truely sorry for your loss.

Anonymous said...

Pic #2 Of Ollie,Cayle's dog is mourning her,he knows what had happened to his best friend Cayle who loved him very much and will never forget her.My deepest sympathy to Cayle's family and Ollie.

Anonymous said...

Valery, Tiff, Kristen, and Kevin,
My heart breaks for you. Words cannot express how sorry I am for you all. Over the last few days Jennifer and I talked daily about Cayle and how we wished we could do more; we were so hoping for a different outcome. Your family is special to us and you are in our prayers.
Nancy Betts

Jeanne C. said...

Valery, Tiffany, Kristen & Kevin -

I am so sorry to hear about the loss of Cayle....I know how difficult and intense your pain is. I am sure so many people wish they could carry this burden in some way to lighten the load. My heart cries for all of you and for Cayle...she will be missed.

Please contact me at if there is anything I can do to help in any way. Also, could you post an address to send cards and letters? There are so many people who have asked me but I am not sure how to contact you and do not want to intrude at this very private time of mourning.

My thoughts and prayers have been with all of you for a long time and will continue.....

Jeanne C.

Eliza Doolittle said...

To everyone -

I'm very sorry for the loss of your friend/daughter. I had such hope in my heart for her - but as another poster remarked, she is now forever young, and will live forever in your heart and mind.

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