Monday, January 7, 2008

Photo taken just before Cayle's disappearance

In a remarkable stroke of luck, Athens police have discovered a photograph taken in Memorial Park on the day of her disappearance that accidentally captured Cayle with her dog Oliver. We have enlarged and cropped the image to focus in on Cayle (the original photograph can be seen in a story posted this afternoon on the Athens Banner-Herald website, Police release picture of missing woman in park).
We now know what Cayle was wearing at the time she went missing - hopefully this will be the first crucial step in bringing her home!


Anonymous said...

WOW!!!! What a great find. Now LE has a better time line and an idea of what Cayle was wearing on the day she disappeared. Hopefully, once this pic gets out to media someone will call in with a tip.

Kindra Lore said...

That is amazing. Hopefully this will lead to some sort of clue or lead.


Concerned said...

Have the authorities considered the coincidence of Meridyth Emerson and Cayle? Both hanging out with their dogs. Then they disappear. They should be questioning that guy!

dragonlady474 said...

I think that Hilton probably had his hands full at the time that Cayle went missing. It was the same time he was dealing with the other girl...although, stranger things have happened.

Jennifer G said...

I hope that this helps you all get some information; I really hope you find Cayle soon! I have you (Bywater family) in my prayers. Kristen that means you :)

Jennifer George (Vanderlyn)

dragonlady474 said...

I don't get the impression of foul play. I get that she was standing at the door (open) either getting ready to go somewhere or take the dog out and for some reason the dog bolted and she ran after him (have they found a leash?). Is there some place that has a drop off that she could have slipped off of, or ran off of while trying to reach the dog?
Also, in the picture her and the dog are looking intently at something in the distance. If I were there in person I'd go to that same place and start walking in that direction. Things happen for a reason, and I believe that God placed that picture in the police's possession.

sevenstars said...

I noticed the intensity of the picture that was posted. The dog's posture seems to me to be guarding her as he stretches forward...maybe he's sniffing the air?
She is looking very hard at something. Did she have a habit of pulling up her pants when nervous or feeling any other emotion....or maybe getting ready to do something? A moment of resolution?

Robin P said...

First, I would like to let Cayle's family know that we are praying for Cayle's return, and that the family is in our prayers also.

Second, as soon as a date, time, and place is posted for volunteers to help in searching for Cayle, I would like to offer my help.

Third, with the fact that there was a picture taken in the park, it makes me think that there had to be more pictures taken than just the one picture. Usually, when people are taking pictures they take more than one. Just a thought...

Again, our thoughts and prayers are with Calye & her family. May God Bless You...!

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