Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Toxicology results negative

As some of you may have already seen in the media recently, the toxicology tests done on Cayle's blood by the GBI were negative, meaning that drugs or alcohol were not a contributing factor in her drowning. Cayle's mother said, "For me, this just compounds my questions, and it may be that we never have any answers, only speculation."

Police have been unable to find any evidence that would explain how and why Cayle went into the pond at Memorial Park. The case has been ruled as an accidental drowning and is officially closed.

Please stay tuned to this website for upcoming information about a memorial dedication to be held for Cayle at Memorial Park in Athens.


Historic Moment said...

Thank you for keeping us posted. My thoughts remain with the family...

M.Potrzuski said...

I used to live up the street from Cayle when I first moved to Ga in 1986. We had some classes together when we were in middle school, she always brought a smile to my face. It wasnt untill Sept 13 2008 when I found out what happened to Cayle. I can not express how sorry Iam.My thoughts go out to the family..

Anonymous said...

While looking at memorial websites I happened upon the missing persons sites. What a shock to find out there are so many missing and unidentified people. So many families with questions about the death of their loved ones. Like Cayle, my son died in 2007. The autopsy results said 'pneumonia' but I have often wondered if it was that or some virus.
Cayle's pictures are beautiful. What a stunning young woman. I know you will love her always and miss her terribly. Please accept my sincere sympathy.
Margaret D. Ontario Canada

Catrice said...

I am a old co-worker of Cayle's. We pray continuously for the family and hope that you take comfort in each other's embrace during this difficult time. Cayle will truly be missed. God bless.

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